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* more than 60k please inquire

**Prices are per deal or drop, whichever is best for both parties and depending on volume can be negotiated.

***This is based on NO MORE than a 3% response. More than 3% is subject to $100 increase.

****Live inbound and outbound for $0.12 cents per piece (appointment confirms not included).

Before sending this order, I have verified with the CONTACT: name, address, hours of operation, cross street, contact number, fax number (if applicable), email address(es) for leads. *
I have spoken with the CONTACT on the work order and they are aware that BUB-Z will be contacting them regarding this order. *
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  1. This is a Binding Agreement. Full Payment is due within ONE WEEK of date of invoice, unless other terms have been agreed upon in writing.
  2. If payment has not been received, BUB-Z may cancel services, but will notify client before canceling.
  3. Above pricing is on volume.
  4. In any dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement, the venue for such dispute shall be in the State of Texas, Collin County.
Simple/minor changes are included in your quoted price. Excessive and/or full IVR changes are subject to change fee. Changes can be emailed directly to Orders@bub-z.com *